In alignment with the CRTC Wireless Code requirements, all customers who activate with Shaw Mobile will receive a Contract Package when completing one of the following transactions:

  • New activation
  • Device/Hardware Upgrade
  • Buyer's Remorse exchange

Receiving your contract package

You will have the option to receive your Contract Package as a hard copy to take with you or you can opt to receive your Contract Package via password-protected email; a great way to keep a centralized copy for personal reference.

A Contract Package will include the following three (3) documents:

  • Critical Information Summary
  • Service Agreement
  • Services Agreement Appendices

Critical Information Summary

The Critical Information Summary (CIS) includes the following information:

  • A complete and accurate description of your account details, commitment and MyTab with Shaw Mobile.
  • Overview of your monthly rate plan, rates for Add-Ons, and opt-in/opt-out statuses.
  • Details on how to contact Shaw Mobile Customer Care and CCTS.
  • General Details on:
    • Accessing your account
    • Optional PPU services
    • Trial Periods and Return Policy
    • Early Cancellation
    • Device Warranty

Service Agreement

Similar to the CIS, the Service Agreement includes all the same information listed in the CIS, plus:

  • Service information
  • Store Details
  • General Details on:
    • How we communicate with you
    • Copies of the Agreement
    • Charges and Payment
    • Additional terms and conditions
  • A reference to the Service Agreement Appendices

Services Agreement Appendices

The Service Agreement Appendices will include:

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