In alignment with the CRTC Wireless Code requirements, all customers who activate with Shaw Mobile received a Contract Package when completing one of the following transactions:

  • New activation
  • Device/Hardware Upgrade
  • Buyer's Remorse exchange

Receiving your contract package

Customers had the option to receive their Contract Package as a hard copy or opted to receive the Contract Package via password-protected email; a great way to keep a centralized copy for personal reference.

The Contract Package includes the following three (3) documents:

  • Critical Information Summary
  • Service Agreement
  • Services Agreement Appendices

Effective April 4, 2023, Shaw Mobile sign-ups, additional lines, and hardware upgrades will no longer be available. For more information, see Shaw Mobile Brand Sunset FAQ. Shaw Mobile continues to support existing customers with their active services.

Critical Information Summary

The Critical Information Summary (CIS) includes the following information:

  • A complete and accurate description of your account details, commitment and MyTab with Shaw Mobile.
  • Overview of your monthly rate plan, rates for Add-Ons, and opt-in/opt-out statuses.
  • Details on how to contact Shaw Mobile Customer Care and CCTS.
  • General Details on:
    • Accessing your account
    • Optional PPU services
    • Trial Periods and Return Policy
    • Early Cancellation
    • Device Warranty

Service Agreement

Similar to the CIS, the Service Agreement includes all the same information listed in the CIS, plus:

  • Service information
  • Store Details
  • General Details on:
    • How we communicate with you
    • Copies of the Agreement
    • Charges and Payment
    • Additional terms and conditions
  • A reference to the Service Agreement Appendices

Services Agreement Appendices

The Service Agreement Appendices will include:

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