You found a new home, now leave the complicated stuff to us! When moving, you can take your Shaw services with you and avoid a disruption to your Internet, TV or Phone. Just let us know where and when you're moving, and we'll help make it easy.


How to set up your move

Please contact us and an agent will help get things moving for you right away. It's best to give us at least 2 weeks notice, if possible.

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Moving tips

Before you move

  • Contact us to schedule your move – at least 2 weeks in advance if possible.
  • Sign up for a SMS text appointment reminder if a technician is needed.
  • Pack up your Shaw equipment and other electronics together for easy setup.
  • Self-Connect may be an option! Ask the Shaw representative scheduling your move to confirm.
  • Special considerations should be taken if:
    • Moving into a newly built home - let us know as we may need more time to setup your service.
    • Moving into a condo or apartment - contact the building manager to make sure our technician can access the communications room on moving day.

Moving day

  •  Place your equipment where you'd like it connected, or plug it in and activate it yourself.
  •  Make sure you or someone over the age of 18 is home when the installer arrives.

After you move

  • Contact us if you'd like to make any changes, have any questions or are experiencing any issues. Technical support is always 24/7!
  • Enjoy your Shaw service at your new home!

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Moving FAQ

 Is there a charge for moving Shaw services?

  • No! Moving is always free with Shaw.

Can I hook up my equipment at the new address myself?

  • Most TV and/or Internet customers can Self Connect their equipment at their new address. This depends on the location and equipment, so please check with a Shaw representative first.

How far in advanced should I book my move?

  • 2-4 weeks notice is recommended to ensure we can schedule the exact time and date that works for you.

What are the different ways can I schedule my move?

Can I change my services or upgrade equipment during a move?

  • You got it! Moving is the perfect time to review your service(s), especially as your needs may change with the new address.

Can I make changes to the appointment after I book it?

  • Absolutely! Adding services later usually requires rescheduling - so, if possible, go over your bundle and make any changes during the initial booking.

What if I need to cancel services? 

  • We are sorry to see you go! Cancellation of service must be done over the phone and with the account holder or fully authorized person.

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