On this page you will learn about the interest on late payments and service suspension or cancellation for Shaw Mobile services.

Late Payment Fees

Shaw Mobile will charge a 2% interest on late payments up until January 16, 2024.  As of January 17, 2024, the applicable rate of interest will be 3% per month. If your current invoice remains unpaid by your due date, you will be charged the interest of the outstanding amount (excluding tax) on the new invoice.

To avoid late payment fees, sign up for Auto Payment in My Shaw Mobile

Service Suspension or Cancellation

If you continue to miss payments, your services may be suspended or cancelled. Cancellation may result in loss of your current phone number.

In order to avoid suspension or cancellation of your service, you will need to pay the outstanding balance on your account. In the case of cancellation, any outstanding MyTab balance will also be due.

If you need assistance, dial 611 from your Shaw Mobile phone or contact us to discuss your payment options.

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