This article explains how to understand your first bill from Shaw Mobile. You’ll receive a separate invoice for your Shaw Mobile service on a date that was assigned to you when you first activated service.

Why is my first bill higher than I expected?

If your first Shaw Mobile invoice is higher than your expected, that may be because the first invoice will include a different set of charges from your next invoices, including:

  • Partial monthly fees for the days between your activation date and your first regular invoice date, plus any Pay Per Use fees from your usage on the same period
  • Your regular monthly fees for the first full month, in advance
  • A one-time Connection Fee

Learn more: For a detailed breakdown on each charge on your invoice, check out Understanding Your Bill.

What will my invoices include going forward?

You will receive a new invoice on the same date each month. These invoices will include:

  • Your monthly plan fees
  • MyTab (if applicable)
  • Add-Ons for the next 30 days
  • Any Pay Per Use charges or adjustments from the previous month

Learn more: For more about billing, visit About Shaw Mobile Billing.

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