Switching to Shaw Mobile is easy, plus you can keep your existing mobile or landline phone number. We have the latest devices available, or you can bring one that you already own.

Getting Ready to Switch to Shaw Mobile

We’re ready to welcome you to Shaw Mobile and we want to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you to join us. Take a look at the information below to ensure you have everything ready and then visit a Shaw Store or a participating retail partner to get started – we can even take care of cancelling services with your current provider:

Mobile Coverage Check

Shaw Mobile is available in locations across Alberta and British Columbia. Check our coverage map to ensure that you’re located in an area where the Shaw network is available. While we have network coverage available in Ontario, currently only customers located in Alberta and British Columbia can sign-up for Shaw Mobile services.

Get a New Phone or Bring Your Own

When you switch to Shaw Mobile, you can purchase a new device from us with our MyTab program, or you can bring a device that you already own. If you already have a device that you love, we welcome any that are compatible with our network. Check compatibility by viewing our Enhanced Services and Device Compatibility to learn more about the features and services available on your device. Additionally, please ensure that your device is unlocked - you may have to request an unlock code from your current carrier.

Pick a Rate Plan

We offer smart, full-feature rate plans with flexible data options to fit your personal needs. If you’re already a Shaw Internet customer, you may be eligible for mobile rate plan discounts. Not a Shaw Internet customer? Sign up and save on Shaw Mobile. Visit our website for the latest plans and pricing.

Bring Your Phone Number

When you sign-up for Shaw Mobile, you can bring a phone number from another carrier, or even transfer a landline phone number to your mobile device. If you plan to bring a phone number to Shaw Mobile, please ensure that you have your account information from your current provider available.

We require an account number, current phone number, account holder name and billing address to process a phone number port. When your phone number is ported from another carrier, your existing account will be closed. Learn more about transferring your phone number to Shaw Mobile.

You are responsible for any outstanding charges on your account, including, but not limited to, remaining device financing, monthly rate plan charges, and Pay Per Use charges. We recommend checking the status of your account and device payments prior to porting your phone number to avoid unexpected charges.

To switch to Shaw Mobile, visit a Shaw Store or participating retail partner. To sign-up for a postpaid rate plan, a credit check is required. Please ensure that you have government-issued photo ID with you, along with a valid Canadian credit card when visiting a retail location. If you do not meet our credit requirements, a deposit option may be offered.

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