Each province in Canada charges sales tax on retail products and services. Sales tax may be broken down into the following types:

  • GST – Goods & Service Tax
  • PST – Provincial Sales Tax
  • HST – Harmonized Sales Tax

For a list of Applicable Sales Taxes by province see the CRA - GST/HST Provicial Rates Table

For questions on how sales tax is applied to your service please Contact Us.

Sales Tax Calculation on Shaw Mobile Service

The sales tax rate applied to your Shaw Mobile invoice is based on a few factors:

Charge Tax rate determining factor

Monthly plan

Area code of your phone number


International roaming Pay-Per-Use charges

Billing address on your account

MyTab early cancellation

One-time fees e.g., Connection fee, bill payment fee, phone number change fee.

Pay-Per-Use charges

A few additional variables determine how sales tax is calculated for Pay-Per-Use charges, including:

  1. The area code of your phone number.
  2. The province you are in at the time the call was placed.
  3. The province the user you are calling is in.


If two of the three factors are the same, sales tax will be charged based on the same province details.

If the details of the charge are unknown or if all three factors are different, sales tax will be based on the area code of your phone number.

Important: Sale tax for any promotional discount credits received will be based on the area code of your phone number.

Shaw Mobile's GST/HST Number

Shaw Mobile’s GST/HST registration number is: 822527412.

Note: This number is also available printed on your monthly invoice.

Indigenous Canadian Tax Exemption

If you are an Indigenous Canadian, you may be eligible to receive a tax exemption on your device and plan at the time of purchase. Our representatives at a Shaw Mobile retail location will apply this exemption after your identification has been provided and validated.

In order to be eligible, please provide proof of Indigenous Canadian status at the time of purchase (e.g., Indigenous Canadian Status ID Card.)

911 Levy

The 911 Levy is a government levy imposed by the provincial Governments of Alberta and Quebec. We are collecting the levy on their behalf.

Learn more about the Alberta 911 Levy and why the Government is charging it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you apply tax on late payment fees?

No, the late payment fee is not taxable. Tax is only applied to your service-related charges.

My status card is expired, can I still use it to request a tax exemption? 

Shaw Mobile is no longer accepting expired status cards to apply tax exemptions. As of May 1, 2022, COVID- 19 exceptions that extended the validity of expired identification documents ended.

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