Learn more about contacting Shaw Support through SMS.

Texting with Shaw

We want your experience with Shaw to be simple and easy. For a while now, you’ve been reaching us digitally through our website and the My Shaw app.

As Canadians spend a lot of time on their mobile phone, we've also enabled SMS/Texting for you to get in touch with us. 

We will only message you if you initiate a conversation with us, so you don’t have to worry about unsolicited messages. 

What does this mean?

iOS device users can connect with us through the iMessage on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Macbook. This is exclusive to Apple and uses WiFi or cellular data networks. Just tap on our phone number anywhere you see it on the Internet and select “Live Messaging” to connect with us 

Don’t want to use data? You can still text with us through regular text message (SMS). 

When you call Shaw through our automated phone system, you will be offered the opportunity to connect with us via SMS so you can take the conversation on the go! Simply follow the prompts and provide a valid mobile phone number and voila – we're texting. 

Why should I use this?

It's a better experience for you, and it saves you timeWait times through SMS are generally lower than when calling in.   

You don't have to dedicate your time and attention to the conversation solelyYou can step away if you need to, and answer on your time. Your conversation might close if you don't answer for too long, but don't worry, an agent will be able to pick up where the conversation was left off. 

Shaw Assistant – our artificial intelligent assistant – will greet you and help with less complex questions or issues. When 
you require an agent, you'll be directed to one and they’ll help with your specific need.   

You can always choose to speak with an agent directly, but Shaw Assistant is helpful, and we encourage you to try the solutions it offers. Those solutions might be the very same ones an agent might suggest! 

Activating SMS

If you have blocked our number using a word like STOP, Shaw will not be able to send you messages, even if you initiate another conversation. 

To unblock our SMS number so you can contact us for support in the future, text us with the word START or UNSTOP to SHAW2 (74292). 

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