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Missing channel - free range tv

I recently added the Canadian Time Shifting package to my programming. When I log onto Free range tv I am missing NTV which was the main reason I added that package. Why is this station not showing up?thanks Read more

Shaw Service Technicians

I can't find a place to put this, and it's not a question, but here it goes anyway!I have been a Shaw customer since they took over from Rogers in the lower mainland. Other than a few glitches with telephone support waits, I am pleased with the servi... Read more


How do I fix the "Could not create download" error?

I am located in Calgary with BlueSky TV.According to this, I should be able to download my pvr recordings on the Shaw Free Range TV app.On the Shaw Free Range TV app (Version:, whenever I try to download an episode, first I get a message t... Read more

CityTV - online and app not working

I'm trying to watch some shows using the CityTV app - Catch-22 and The Orville, to be specific. I log on using my Shaw ID, but when I try to play any episode, I get the error "The episode exceeds the viewing period acquired by your TV service provide... Read more

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