Learn about the new (825) area code that was issued for Alberta. As demand for new telephone numbers for residents and businesses in Alberta continues to grow, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had announced that it will meet that demand by adding a new, province-wide area code on April 09, 2016. This will provide millions of new telephone numbers without affecting those which already exist. Telephone numbers in the existing area codes, as with the new area code, will continue to be assigned as available.


Did You Know

The supply of telephone numbers in a given area code is finite, but the demand for new numbers is increasing constantly. In order to meet that demand it is necessary to introduce a new area code which brings with it millions of new telephone numbers.

Who is affected?

The addition of this area code will have no effect upon existing telephone numbers in the current 403, 780, and 587 area codes, nor upon three-digit numbers, such as 911 and 411, or long distance calling areas. Customers who already have a telephone number in one of the above area codes will not need to change their existing area code. The introduction of the new area code will affect newly-assigned telephone numbers only.

The new area code will not affect:

  • Customers with existing telephone numbers
  • Three-digit numbers, such as 911 and 411
  • Long distance calling areas 

The new area code will affect:

  • Business customers using specialized communications systems, such as those which restrict long distance calling
  • Customers obtaining new telephone numbers

What do I need to know?

With the release of the new (825) areas code:
Residential Customers

There is no need to do anything. Existing phone numbers won't be affected by the addition of the new area code.

Business Customers

In preparation for the introduction of the new 825 area code, businesses are encouraged to begin making any necessary changes, such as reconfiguring communications systems as applicable.

e.g. businesses which restrict long distance calls will need to add 825 as a local area code

Additional Information

The Western Telecommunications Alliance is working to inform all customers, both residential and business, of the additional area code. As such, you may be contacted by the Western Telecommunications Alliance with further information about the introduction of the new area code.

About the Western Telecommunications Alliance

The Western Telecommunications Alliance is a partnership between the major telecommunications companies and industry associations across Canada. The Alliance’s mandate is to educate and inform consumers and businesses about the implementation of new area codes.

About The CRTC

The CRTC is an administrative tribunal that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.

Find out more

For more information about the new area code, and how it will affect residential and business customers, and for contact information, you can read the CRTC's press release here:

CRTC to introduce a new area code in Alberta in 2016 | CRTC

To read the CRTC's decision, go here: Telecom Decision CRTC 2013-574

Media Contact:

Chris Gerritsen on behalf of Western Telecommunications Alliance.

Ph: 403 530 4919 chris.gerritsen@telus.com

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