Fax troubleshooting - analog line is fine for voice, but outgoing fax is corrupted


Hi, I have two analog phone lines and one analog fax line with Shaw. Twice this year, outgoing faxes from my line started being received by recipients with lines missing, compressed, or stretched on the page. This problem was reproduced with multiple fax machines, all of which were tested on someone else's fax line with no problem. Switching the voice and fax lines did not solve the problem. Neither did changing cables. Voice comes through clearly on all three lines.

The last time this happened, it persisted for about two weeks and then resolved on its own.

Any idea what's going on?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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apologies for the delay in response as your post was miss...


@MCMC apologies for the delay in response as your post was missed. It may be a signal related issue or something else with the phone terminal. I'd recommend touching base with technical support to investigate further.

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