Why does it take 3-5 business days for Shaw to deal with an escalated service request?


We tried to port all our 4 of lines from Freedom to Shaw but they messed up 2 of them. They were able to fix the first in a day but one of them was deactivated after it moved to Shaw. After closing the first request without solving the problem, they now tell me it will be 3 to 5 business days from the time they submitted the second SR for them to reactivate the line. All the support chat can tell me is they are 'working on it' .What part of reactivation can possibly take 3 to 5 days? I have a hard time believing anyone is actually 'working on it', I'd say it is in a long queue of other problems.

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-- while reading this web-page, scroll-down to the bottom...

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@robidot -- while reading this web-page, scroll-down to the bottom, and expand the "About Us" pull-down, and click the "Your Voice" hyperlink, and fill-in the form, to contact Shaw.

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