Learn more about the SamKnows project how Shaw is supporting this project. SamKnows was designed to ensure that you have a successful Internet experience. From upload and download speeds to latency and video streaming, take control of your Internet experience by making informed decisions.

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About SamKnows

SamKnows is a program that helps measure your Internet performance through a "Whitebox" which provides information to help you diagnose and understand issues that you may have with your home network.

SamKnows & Shaw Customer Network Test

Shaw is committed to providing an exceptional Internet experience through a consistent and reliable broadband speed. With the help of our partner, SamKnows, we’re testing the performance of the Shaw network.

What are the benefits of SamKnows & Shaw Customer Network Test?

With this project, you can:

  • monitor your network health
  • configure your WiFi network to find its perfect setup
  • reduce connection issues with your devices
  • help improve the Internet for all users

How do I join the test group?

Participating is easy! All you need to do is fill out a simple form. If you are selected to take part in the test, you will be contacted to confirm your participation and sent a measuring device to install with your current Internet modem. Once you install the measuring device, it will automatically send the results to SamKnows for reporting. The program will run for several months and an email will be sent to you once the testing is complete.

What exactly am I sharing?

Your privacy is important to us. The device will only measure the connection and speed of your Internet service. It will not monitor or track your usage or activity.

How will we do this?

The test will be conducted through SamKnows, who offer unbiased broadband measurement services around the world. Find out more about SamKnows.


If you have any additional questions, please read through our FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about SamKnows and Shaw's support of this project.


Why is Shaw doing this testing?

As part of Shaw’s ongoing commitment to an exceptional customer experience, this testing will help ensure that customers receive reliable and fast Internet service.

If I sign up to participate, am I guaranteed to be selected?

There are a number of selection criteria that SamKnows will be using to ensure that a representative sample of our high-speed Internet base is selected to provide us the most accurate view of the customer experience. As a result, not all who register may be selected, however, you may be called upon at a later date if more participants are required.

How long do I participate for?

Once installed, the Whitebox will run in the background. The test may continue for several months.

Can I cancel my participation at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your participation at any time. Simply contact SamKnows at community@samknows.com to make arrangements to return the Whitebox.

How does the Whitebox work to test speeds - do I need to do anything?

Other than plugging in the Whitebox, you won't need to do a thing. The device will not disturb your Internet access and will run tests automatically to test download and upload speeds and other quality performance indicators.

How do I install the Whitebox?

Installation is easy - and is very similar to installing a router. Complete instructions will come with the device.

Can you see what I'm browsing?

SamKnows does not collect any personal browsing data that passes through the device. The device only checks your bandwidth usage to decide whether to postpone the tests - for example, if you're downloading a large file - in order to prevent a poor customer experience. The device simulates the act of browsing to common websites in order to produce a metric for browsing speed rather than use your own browsing.

How secure is the Whitebox? Does it allow you access to my network?

By default, the device does not allow remote access to it. For troubleshooting, SamKnows may ask you for permission to access the device via a secure SSH tunnel. This will not give them access to your home computers.

Is there any cost to me for participating in this test?

There is no cost to you for volunteering. The device will be shipped to you free of charge and will be yours for the duration of the test.

What will be done with the speed information gathered through this device?

SamKnows will gather data from a statistically significant sampling of Shaw Internet customers, this data will be used by Shaw to ensure we are delivering an exceptional Internet experience.

Can I see the results for my connection?

Shaw is committed to compiling customer information in order to assess our network performance and ultimately make our customers' experiences even better. There are no plans to make available data from individual white boxes.

Questions or concerns

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the SamKnows support team at community@samknows.com.

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