Learn how to fix BlueCurve Pods going offline on your home WiFi network. When a Pod goes offline, it will cause the mesh WiFi network to be incomplete and leave gaps or dead spots in the home. Follow the steps below to bring your Pods back online.


How to fix BlueCurve Pods offline

If a Pod is offline, BlueCurve Home will let you know with a "Pod Offline" notice at the top.

  1. Open BlueCurve Home (mobile app or web portal).
  2. Select Help Me Fix It.

    BlueCurve Home app: Help Me Fix It


  3. Select the Pod that you'd like to fix, then select Troubleshoot.
  4. Follow the troubleshooting steps to ensure the Pod is plugged in and clear of any obstructions.

    Keep BlueCurve Pods Clear Message


  5. If your Pod is securely plugged in and clear, try unplugging the Pod for a moment then plugging it back in.
    • Confirm that the power light appears on after plugging in the Pod.
    • Wait two minutes for the Pod to reconnect.
    • If no light is displayed, try plugging the pod into an alternate working electrical outlet.
  6. Select Retest Connection. The app will check again to see if your Pods are online.

  7. If successful, you'll see an All Pods Online! message, and you're good to go. Select Close to finish, or View Tips for additional suggestions on how to optimize your WiFi network and avoid problems in the future.

    BlueCurve Home app: All Pods Online


  8. If the Pod is still offline, try these steps to fix it:

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