You can easily optimize your WiFi network by following the tips below for the best WiFi experience:

  1. Monitor the devices connected to your home network and turn off devices and apps you’re not actively using to reduce overall bandwidth consumption.
  2. Check your individual device’s capabilities and specifications online or with the manufacturer – your experience can change drastically depending on the type of device.
  3. Place your modem central to where the Internet is most often used and away from objects like major appliances & other wireless devices that cause WiFi Interference.
  4. Ensure your devices are connected to the optimal WiFi band, 2.4GHz or 5GHz, and if necessary consider extending your WiFi using Shaw Fibre+ WiFi Pods.

Note: Wired connection for supported devices is a better alternative to get consistent and stable speeds, which is more commonly used for game consoles and desktop computers.

For a more detailed view, please visit: How To: Optimize your WiFi experience


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