Fix common Shaw email issues with these email troubleshooting tips. From email spam bounce back issues to authentication and login issues, this article provides insight into:


Email spam and bounce back messages

Unable to login to Shaw email - authentication error

Email security best practices

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Through Webmail you are can adjust your spam mail options by clicking on Preferences > Selecting Spam > Choosing your preferred spam setting and clicking Save.

Learn More: Adjusting spam and other filter settings in Webmail

Email spam and bounce back messages

We have received reports from some customers that their Shaw email inbox is receiving bounce back messages from e-mail spam messages that they haven't sent. If you are experiencing this issue - please update your email password immediately. To update your email password, please visit and sign-in to your Shaw Account.

  1. Sign into My Shaw
  2. Click on Internet 
  3. Scroll down to Email
  4. Choose Edit display name next to your email address and enter a new password and then confirm it
  5. Click Update Email button

For email password requirements and security tips, please see Email Password Requirements.


If changing the e-mail password, still does not give you access back into the account and upon login, you are receiving the following error messages: "HTTP Error 400" or "Login failed. Please try again.


if you are receiving an invalid credentials message, please see the following section.

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Unable to login to Shaw email - authentication error

If you are still unable to login to your shaw email address or are receiving the following message as a result of invalid credentials, proceed with the steps below.


Authentication Error Message
"HTTP ERROR 400 Problem accessing /service/preauth. Reason: authentication failed for [ ______]"
"Login failed. Please try again. Invalid credentials."

  1. Reset your password using the steps above.
  2. If you have reset your password and still cannot access your email, your account may have been flagged for sending spam emails, you will need to contact Shaw Technical Support to have your email account unlocked - please call 1-888-472-2222 or chat with a live rep here:

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Email Security best practices

Maintaining a secure password is critical in order to ensure the best protection possible. For best practice email security tips - please see our article on Email Password Security Tips.

If your account was flagged for sending spam emails, be sure to verify that your account preferences are correct after your email account has been unlocked. Spammers have been known to modify the email preferences from
Go to and login, then click Preferences on the top right corner and check the following settings are correct:

  • Email filters (Preferences > Mail > Filters)
  • Reply to (Preferences > Mail > Accounts > From: Display Name and Reply-to: Display Name: & Email Address)
  • Email Signatures (Preferences > Mail > Signatures)
  • Email forwarding (Preferences > Mail > Receive > When a message arrives: Forward a copy to)


Learn more about Shaw Webmail Preferences.

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