If you are having difficulty connecting to the Shaw Chat Support service in Google Chrome, it may be because of Chrome's pre-loaded pop-up blocker. This feature prevents new pop-up windows from opening without your permission while you are browsing the web, with the main objective of preventing ads from constantly popping up when they are unwanted. Although this feature can be useful, it will occasionally block services that you actually need that also use pop-up windows.


The Shaw Chat Support service launches a pop-up window when you attempt to begin a new chat and as a result, customers using Google Chrome may experience difficulties when trying to connect with one of our Support representatives through Shaw Chat. Resolve the issue by trying the troubleshooting steps below.

Did You Know?


You can access Support articles or chat with a Shaw representative using the My Shaw app. Download the My Shaw app from the App Store for your Apple device or get it on Google Play for your Android.


Resolving the issue

When you first navigate to the Shaw Contact Us page and click on the Shaw Chat link you will be taken to a page where you are asked to fill out your contact details. Once you enter in those details and press the Chat now button, a new page should open and your chat should automatically appear in a pop-up window. If this has not happened, it is likely because of your pop-up blocker. To correct this:


  1. Locate the notification explaining that a pop-up has been blocked in your browser. On Google Chrome, the pop-up blocker icon Pop-up Blocker Icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your search bar (see image below).


    Blocked Support Chat Window


  2. Click on the pop-up blocker icon Pop-up Blocker Icon in your search bar, then choose the option to Always allow pop-ups from shaw.ca. Next, click Done (see image below).


    Always Allow Pop-ups


  3. Once you have done this you can hit the back button on this web page and re-enter your contact details. Then, once again, click Chat now. A new chat pop-up window should now successfully launch, and your chat with a Shaw Chat representative should begin shortly.



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