2.4 GHz network vanishing and re-appearing every 5 minutes. RF Bursts?


Yeah, I'm going crazy with this. I noticed that my devices periodically were not available for a few minutes at a time. After using wifi analyzer, I noticed that the signal just VANISHES periodically but very regularly.

I was using a Netgear Nighthawk R8500, and thought it might be faulty, so replaced it with a TP ArcherC5400X... but the problem continues in the exact same way! The 5Ghz network and hardwired devices are rock solid. I updated the firmware then factory reset both routers.

I noticed that it's ALL the 2.4Ghz signals around, across all different internet providers. The signal drops also cycle through the channels. IE the channel 1's go down and come back, then channel 6 and then 11.

There is a new construction site not too far away, but I wouldn't know what to ask them to look into.

Here is a sample of the signal:


Any help would be greatly appreciated figuring out what kind of device would cause such interference.

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Re: 2.4 GHz network vanishing and re-appearing every 5 minutes. RF Bursts?


Hey toyfraz,

There may be several reasons why that is happening such as WiFi interference. It may also be smart home devices, baby monitors, WiFi security cameras or WiFi speakers causing interference. Just to confirm, is your Shaw modem currently bridged to use the 3rd party router or is an IP passthrough set up to use both?

To start, I'd recommend removing the router from the setup. If the 2.4G network disappears again, then look for 3rd party equipment in your home and start turning them off to see if the WiFi connection remains stable. Keep me posted on how it goes!


Tony | Community Mod.

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