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I just wanted to let everyone be aware that Shaw has solved their upgrade problem.

I have had no problems with Shaw internet since I had the 50m service almost 12 years ago. I am in Aldergrove BC.

I have updated each time to 100 then 150 and then 300 just to maintain my monthly cost. Has worked fine for me.

Each time I was updated I confirmed through speed tests that I was getting well above the supposed max each time. This through Shaw speed test as well as many others. All confirmed the more than max results.

When the update to 600 was in place those tests were well below the 600 mark and usually in the upper 300 to 450 mark. I called support to report not complain and was given the standard CS reply of the speeds were just 'up to' not guaranteed. I quickly explained that I was aware but also that this was not what I had experienced for 12 years.

So ... they sent out a tech who happened to be my former neighbour who also did tests with less than standard results and he also then suggested the same CS  explanation as well as suggesting that perhaps my puter internet board was not up to snuff which of course was incorrect. At that point I showed him several other test sites I have bookmarked and used locations across N America and got results on all of them in the 680 range. We giggled as his eyes popped and he made note of the sites.

Two weeks later ... I now get 680+ results from all tests including Shaw's test site. I have waited a bit to confirm but now it has been constant and thus I have to assume that someone threw the correct switch probably thanks to Curtis.

Thanks Shaw for the update and the proper switch (lol) and thanks Curtis. ๐Ÿ™‚


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