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I spoke with an agent on the phone on Thursday.  Thought my problem was solved.  Not so.  On Friday I was on hold for 3hrs 53mins.  I was simultaneously on the “live” chat and Facebook messenger.  I had to hang up the phone to move on to other things.  Life doesn’t stop because Shaw has nasty customer service.  I was transferred to a “live” person on chat but no one ever come on line.   I have never received a reply to my Facebook message.  

I called again Saturday morning and waited 38mins for a call back.  The agent who finally called worked with me for about 45 minutes, said my problem was fixed and I would be able to access the information I needed in an hour or two.  That was 20hrs ago and I still can’t.  I get a “WHOOPS” error message.  I’m so fed up with this.


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Very sorry to hear about the long waits that you have enc...


@Cee Very sorry to hear about the long waits that you have encountered, our teams have been recently quite busy. What is the information that you're trying to access? 

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