Any FIX for Double Nats?


So i have a PC and XBox Running and usually everything is fine, like i'll be using my xbox one and it'll be Open nat, then for no reason it changes to Double Nat after turning it on later.

I Have 300mbps(Advanced WIFI Modem) and a Linksys Next gen AC2200 MU-MIMO TRI-BAND ROUTER and since the AWM has only 2 Ethernet ports in the back and I use more than 3 cables, i have to have this router.

So like I'll play and it's fine Open Nat, but then it changes, i try all the fixes, port Forward, UPnP changes, and port forwards and still the same issue. I plug them both in the AWM(pC AND XBOX) and its open but when i use one in the AWM and the other in the router it comes up as Double Nat, i even had unplugged the pc just to get a Open nat on my xbox and then when i replug the pc again its fine until i turn of xbox.

i even set priority for the xbox on the Linksys router settings.

but still no fix.

i tried the Linksys to have internet and the Shaw AWM to be in bridge mode but I do NOT get internet on the router sometimes. So im super confused as to what to do. 

Anyone have any help? (also cant have bridge mode on Modem since some phones and LED lights use the AWM as a wifi source) i tried to change it but the items do not register on the linksys wifi.

Either I have to look for a new router thats a gigabyt router and DOESNT give off a NAT of it's own or try different settings.  Anyone having this issue or? 

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Re: Any FIX for Double Nats?


What you need is not a router but a switch and wireless access point. You can get this with your existing device but you will need to make sure you don't use the routing functionality in your router. Do not plug the router's Internet or WAN port into anything, instead plug one of the LAN ports on the Shaw modem to one of the LAN ports on the router. Disable the DHCP server on the router so that it no longer gives IP addresses to your systems and then the only thing giving addresses to the systems will be the Shaw modem. That way you won't use the routing functionality of the router, you will use the router into a combination switch / access point.

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