Blue Sky issues

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I've had the Blue Sky system for about 4 months... IMO, this system is very flawed... Nice options to have, but when they don't work, or they are ridiculously lame, they shouldn't be offered:

1 - When I tape a sports event SOMETIMES the system will add on time to allow for overtime, etc... If I'm taping a multitude of games and or shows, the extra time that I didn't add on to some of these sports events interferes with my limit of 6 recordings. If I want to extend a hockey game or a football game, I can do it.. Nice idea, but not necessary.

2 - The fast forward option can but utterly horrible... on some channels it is so pixelated in FF mode, you can't figure out when to stop on time... I know there's a button that allows a 5 minute jump, but name a single show that has a 5 minute commercial break... you guys SHOULD have made that a 1 or 2 minute button instead. And yes, I know, I can use the voice thing but it's always a guess. If there was no pixelation issues, the FF would be much better, but there is and it sucks.

3 - For no reason whatsoever, my system freezes up and the only way to get things back on track is by unplugging the system and having it reboot... which, if you're taping something screws up your recording. 

4 - The battery life in the Blue Sky remotes is VERY short... with the old system, ( gateway ) I could go for many months without changing batteries... With this remote I've changed them out 3 times since early December.  

5 - Your SPORTS update thing... A JOKE. Sometimes you go on there and it's either no working or, it's vastly behind. Today I was watching the golf and wanted to check the score of one of the players. I KNEW that this player had played at least 10 holes, but when I hit the "C" button , went to the golf scoreboard, it showed this player on the 3rd hole. Surely, you guys can hook up with the PGA website and get up to date information... I thought this was the whole point. The same thing happens with hockey and other sports you offer. It's a great idea, but it sucks.    

I could go on, but I think you get my drift... This system is flawed and I spend a lot of money with you guys... In the neighborhood of $2500 a year, for many many many years ...  

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Re: Blue Sky issues


2. I just noticed the pixelating ff issue. Use the 30 second skip, exit, exit, exit 0030.

3. Freezing is not normal, call in to troubleshoot/service call.

4. You must watch a lot of TV or frequently use the voice feature. I get about 4 months out of the batteries in the winter when we watch a lot of TV. Also, this is an IR/RF remote.

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