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Why do Interac payments sent to Shaw email addresses take so much longer to appear than ones sent to other email addresses? Payments sent to gmail, Yahoo (and even aol!) show up almost instantly, always in under a minute or two. On the other hand payments sent to shaw webmail addresses (at least six over the past four weeks) never show up in under twenty minutes, and most have taken around half an hour; the latest two were sent before 2:45 pm and only showed up in the inbox (on the shaw webmail website) at 3:17 pm and 3:19 pm. I don't know whether the delay is unique to interac payments, but some test emails I sent between shaw email addresses showed up with no delay. Anyone know why this might be happening?

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-- can you show us the E-mail "headers" of the message se...

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@AJ_V -- can you show us the E-mail "headers" of the message sent from Interac's mail-server to Shaw's mail-server?  That will show when Interac was ready to send the message, and when Shaw's mail-server received it.

I see no way to see the "timing" from your bank's transaction-servers to Interac's transaction-servers, and whether there is some delay for that processing.  At that point, you are logged-in to your bank, not logged-in to Shaw. 


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