Hiltron Modem and Amplifi Gamer's Router

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I have a Hiltron shaw modern at 300 speed.

I am planning on buying an Amplifi Gamer's Router and a few switches to cover my house. Currently I am using a few old Linksys routers in switch mode to get hard cable internet to the second floor of the home. Should I ask for the Hilron modem to be put in bridge mode. What do I need to know about this request?

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Re: Hiltron Modem and Amplifi Gamer's Router

Shaw Squad

Hello lordshert 

If you are planning to use a 3rd party router, it would be best to have the Hitron modem put into bridge mode. This can be done quickly, just reach out to us https://www.shaw.ca/contact-us/ and we can have that changed for you. 

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