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I am trying to get port forwarding going on my router/modem.  As far as I can tell, the best way is to set up an IP passthrough and get a 2nd dynamic IP address.  I've been waiting in front of my computer for the chat mode for over an hour. 

What is the best way to get port forwarding set up?  On my Hitron 2250 I have tried creating a static IP for the device, adding a rule, and opening the port.  When I use www.canyouseeme.org , the port is not open.


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Re: Hitron port forwarding

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IP Pass-through will provide the port/MAC address with a public IP, it removes the device from your local network, and completely removes the protections that the gateway part can provide.

Port forwards is just in the menus.  What port do you want to forward?  Some ports can't be forwarded with the Hitron.

Pass-though would be used if you want to setup your own router.

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