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Hi there, I just got off chat with a rep and was discussing pricing, to get a new package which would give me the 100 upload that the Fibre + packages get. Done this so many times with huge monthly increases as part of the discussion. Losing discounts, etc.

Well....some really good news on that front, the rep was able to provide me with the 100 upload with no change in package or pricing. I did get a confirmation email noting a change but there was no change in my package items, etc. Maybe it was a change they had to do on their end, as I have even tried rebooting the modem even just a couple of days ago but still staying with the 20 up.

Hopefully all the 600 customers can contact through chat and get this done if it hasn't been done already for you. I am getting like 105 to 107 up on every test. This is using an XB6.

Very happy with Shaw for finally doing this for the 600 accounts.

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-- that is good news. You had the correct cable-modem (th...

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@Sith -- that is good news.

You had the correct cable-modem (the older Hitron cable-modem cannot do "100-up").

You live in a region where "100-up" has been rolled-out.

Yes, it was bad for Shaw to offer "100-up" to "Internet 300", "internet 500", "Fibre+ 500", and "Fibre+ 750" customers, but not for "Internet 600" customers.  Probably, nobody on this forum will be authorized to explain why that happened. Just accept it, and "move on".



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