Internet service in South St. Vital Winnipeg


Hi there. Was hoping to find out if there any plans in place for Shaw to extend/provide internet service to the area of south St. Vital down St. Mary's Rd, Fraser Road and Forbes for example. There are a lot of homes in the area that are not getting any high speed services, just low end 5mbps from bell mts. If Shaw were to provide, there would be a lot of new customers! Be great to hear an answer from a Shaw rep, thanks.

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Re: Internet service in South St. Vital Winnipeg


Hi bmac1481 

In order to check this, we would need to get the exact address information and submit a ticket to the address maintenance team. I'd recommend checking in with customer service so they can do this for you. You can find our contact information on 

If you use Facebook or Twitter, that would probably be the best way to get in touch as they will be able to reply to the conversation once they get an update for you. 

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