Not receiving email from PC Optimum.

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I havent been receiving email from PC Optimum since late January.  I cant change my PCOptimum password because the verification email isnt arriving.  I have the spam filter set to go to Junk and put in the list of safe urls

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Re: Not receiving email from PC Optimum.


Hey swtaylor,

Thank you for reaching out! I haven't heard of any other reports of this issue. I've checked our spam list for that email address and don't see it being flagged so emails should be coming through with no issues. I just tested this with my personal PC account and Shaw email address, the email comes through with no issues (just had to make sure I had the right email). I did notice the email is, I'd recommend adding that to your whitelist filters and to test the password reset once again. Let me know how it goes!


Tony | Community Mod.

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