port forwarding limitation on blue curve platform


I run FreeNas file server that has a plex server jail in it.

This plex server's address is x.x.x.15

I am having problems accessing plex server from outside lately and I wanted to setup port forwarding for it. Thats where I run into problems:

My DHCP range is from .150 to .250 and my printers and servers are all assigned Ip addresses in .2 to .150 range. Shaw insist that in order to port forward your device must be in dhcp range. When I expanded range  I was able to find my device under a bogus hostname but I can not forward port 32400 (i can 8080 for example).

I want to know if this is another limitation of a shaw managed platform and if it is I will have to get a device that can do what I need it to do.

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It's absolutely ridiculous that you can only forward to a...


It's absolutely ridiculous that you can only forward to an IP within the DHCP range. I have the same problem and just expanded the range to include everything. SO yeah, now I'm able to port forward and can see my devices now via their MAC addresses, but i can't tell my server to obtain via DHCP and so I fear the possibility of an IP conflict.  

Solution:  buy your own equipment and drop this Shaw device into bridge mode.

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-- i can't tell my server to obtain via DHCP What server...

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@76Pete -- i can't tell my server to obtain via DHCP

What server do you have? Why does it not support DHCP?

When your other computers obtain an IP-address from the BlueCurve, what is the TTL (Time To Live) -- the number of seconds/minutes/hours for which the "lease" is valid?  Within the BlueCurve, can you change that TTL to a month? If so, then when one of your computers gets an IP-address, it will use that IP-address for a month. That should definitely reduce the "window" for getting an IP-conflict to maybe once per month.

Also, the BlueCurve's DHCP-server tends to "remember" each connected computer's MAC-address. So, if you turn off a computer for a month, and then turn it on, the BlueCurve will do a "welcome back, the most-recent IP-address that I gave you was aa.bb.cc.dd, and no other computer is using that IP-address, so you can continue to use the IP-address that I gave you, a month ago".  Ergo, no IP-conflict.



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