Service was TURNED OFF by Shaw


We have been with Shaw service for 3+ yrs. On Tuesday Dec 18th, 2018, our Internet + TV both been disconnected. Called in reported the issue, booked an appointment for the 23rd. Tech actually showed up today (which is great in 2days earlier than original schedule), found out our service was actually TURNED OFF by Shaw cable on the 18th, because they ASSUMED that our service, according to the tech, is generating "noise" which caused service issues with other users in the area. Action Shaw was taken is simply cut off our service, w/o any notification. The tech was able to find out the connector which is outside of the house, it is not worn out instead it was not done shield properly. 

The service interruption lasts 72hrs, which I will have to rent another office to move our 5 online servers over to continue the business. Worse than that is we will have to turn on the cellular hot spot to connect my in-law's 24hrs heath monitoring machine. At the end Shaw cable is "WILLING" to compensate because of the entire incident was caused by themselves, with total amount of $25!!!??? 

WORST Company with the worst customer service EVER!!!

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Re: Service was TURNED OFF by Shaw


Hi simon25670 

We're very sorry to hear about this experience. I know that must have been very frustrating, especially when it happened so close to the holidays. From what I understand, when these types of situations occur usually we do try to get in touch before the address is shut off, but I'm not really sure if that happened in this case. Regardless of that, we do apologize for the frustration this has caused. I'm glad to hear that we were able to get a tech out sooner to get you reconnected.  It's been a few days since you posted this so I'm not sure if you were already able to speak to someone regarding the account, but if you have any further concerns please feel free to get in touch with customer support

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