Shaw internet worked flawless for 2 years. Then it quit on december 28.

Basically it work for 5-10 min then gone for day then it work 3 hours and gone for day.

Shaw send technician finally on Jan 2 after arguing to get them fast as its not our problem.

He replaced all the cable from street to house. And checked signal and said signal is good.

He replaced modem with refurbished one instead of new.

It worked until today from sunday to wednesday 5:00pm

Called CSR again

We followed their ususal procedure of disconnecting power and factory reset modem.

No changes. Its blinking ORANGE.

I want shaw to find out complete solution.  There is something weird going on. With all shaw experience they should have figured out and analyse software in the cable modem. XB6

Unfortunately Shaw TECH CSR is not methodical. I asked him check signal in the house first. Instead he check modem did not work and went outside.

I would first check signal inside house. if its there i would not waste 2 hours to change all cables. 

Anyways i dont fault technician doing his own method , its ok for new user.

When there is weird problem like this he need to start from house to street not other way around. Because if there is problem modem end he wont find it.

if modem is connected other devices and it still wont have problem because it worked for 3 1/2 days.

I think there is a complex problem. I prefer SHAW give me the signal detector check when it goes down. 

Sending technician every time to house is not a complete solution. 

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-- do you know how much trouble-shooting that the technic...

Grand Master

@LivingGod -- do you know how much trouble-shooting that the technician did with software tools BEFORE he arrived at your residence?

He may have determined that there was no signal reaching your cable-modem, and/or the Shaw "demarcation box" on the outside of your residence, and thus took the next step -- replacing the cable from the demarcation box to the nearest telephone-pole -- AFTER arriving, or within a few minutes after arriving, and opening-up the demarcation box, and measuring the signal-strength.



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Problem escalated. Will make detail question. More of com...


Problem escalated. Will make detail question. More of complaint on shaw tech support

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