Shaw routing through Calgary while gaming?


When PC gaming (hardwired to my desktop) I keep getting awful 100ms+ pings when connected to Illinois servers primarily. This never used to be an issue up until about a month ago. I used to get roughly 48 ping on these servers but it's now a minimum of 90. Is Shaw routing through Calgary, causing my pings to be higher and is there any way to fix this? It's obviously pretty frustrating to have such high ping and not be able to do anything about it. Any insight would be appreciated

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-- is Shaw routing through Calgary? Maybe. In what city a...

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@Pavs93 -- is Shaw routing through Calgary?

Maybe. In what city are you?  Edmonton? North Battleford? Saskatoon?

Have you used the Windows command-line utility "tracert" to trace the path of IP (Internet Protocol) packets from your location to the game-server?

That should give you information about which routers are being used to transfer your packets. Copy-and-paste that information into this forum.


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