Slow Internet Speeds even on ethernet.


I have the 1Gbps Shaw plan and speeds most of the time are at 70-90 Mbps (ethernet). I tried speaking with support but they just told me that it was due to the fact that I have 14 devices on my router but the majority of them are smart bulbs or plugs that don't actually consume bandwidth. Occasionally my speeds actually work as intended but most of the time it seems like I'm throttling. I've tried restarting my router, that didn't help either. Wondering if I'm missing something. 

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-- check the printing on the Ethernet cable between your...

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@mastic93 -- check the printing on the Ethernet cable between your computer and the Shaw cable-modem.

If you see "CAT 5", then that cable maxes-out at 100 Mbps. If you see "CAT 5e", that cable maxes-out at 1000 Mbps. A "CAT 6" cable can handle over 1000 Mbps.


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