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Hi, I've tried streaming on twitch these past few days but could never fix the issue of huge packet loss (up to 95%).

My connection is wired, it's the internet 300 plan. I've tried restarting my modem(unplugging and plugging back in).

I had a technician come today to replace my modem with the hope of fixing it completely, but to no avail. I still get a lot of packet loss. I set my bitrate to 2500 and chose the closest servers as well.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Would switching to internet 600 fix this for me?


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Re: streaming on twitch

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Having a functional stream on twitch will be based on your computer specs and upload speed of your internet plan. You have two major types of encoding available including x264 and NVENC. The former places more stress on your CPU and the GPU for the latter. It depends on your internet connection but its been quoted that you require about 10% more upload speed than the maximum bitrate you're capable of using to stream. If the upload speed on your plan says 3.0 Mbps then you should be able to safely stream at 2000-2500 bitrate but with Shaw 300 and 15.0 Mbps you can easily cap out at the twitch maximum of 6000 bitrate. My connection's stability took a hit since the new year and we are seeing many posts on the forums complaining about unstable livestreaming on twitch. This is most likely on Shaw's end and you are helpless until they get it fixed. Internet 600 would do nothing to improve your stream.

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