Suspected DDoS during a specific game on PS3


Over the last few months, my girlfriend keeps getting not only kicked off of her one game on PS3 but the entire internet crashes and follows a pattern where I am able to ping the modem for 20 seconds, then fails for 30 seconds. This can last an entire night. I've contacted Shaw a couple times already on it and had the modem replaced to no avail and I'm getting frustrated because I feel like I can't do anything to solve this issue.

After doing some research, I am certain it's a DDoS attack because:
- Third party programs exist to accomplish this
- Voice chat programs within games not being very secure to obtain IP information

- Happened shortly after a former friend of my girlfriend's who she played with ended up turning against her

I had thoughts of investing in a VPN but if this person has the IP already, it will not change anything. I also can't seem to ask for a change in IP from Shaw so I don't know what else I can do. I'm open to any realistic suggestions. Thanks!

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