Weird Wifi Issue

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Ok, so I can't figure it out and I doubt Shaw can either so I need to crowd source some fixes. I upgraded to the XB6 with Pods last week. It works fine, speeds are good on almost every device except my laptop.The adapter in the laptop is an Intel 3160, so it can connect all the way up to AC. It's currently connected  to the Gateway at 5ghz on AC. Here is where it gets weird:

Previously I had no issues with my speeds. I could download at easily 10-12mbs/second. Now it won't go past 700kb/s. When I do a speedtest it won't go past 6mb/s, my Note 9 phone gets around 400. I even moved it right beside the modem and it won't go past 6. 

Now for the ultimate weirdness, if I shared my wifi through my phone, I get at least 40mb/s with the laptop. Turn it off  and it goes back to 6mb/s. I just don't get it.I'm probably going to go buy a usb wifi adapter,but I wanted to check if anyone smarter than I am has an idea why it's doing this. I've tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them. Nothing has helped.

Anyone have any thoughts? I've attached pics of the speedtests

Also I'm sure I messed the up the mb/s, they have always confused me. haha

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Re: Weird Wifi Issue

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Figured it out in case anyone has the same problem. I was pulling an ipv6 ip address.

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