Shaw Mobile is Canada’s newest wireless service built with Internet at the centre of the experience and designed to seamlessly enable total connectivity. 

Customers in Alberta and British Columbia are covered by our wireless network.

About Us

Shaw Mobile is a new type of wireless service available to customers in Alberta and British Columbia that is built with Internet at the center of the experience. By integrating our advanced 4G LTE network with hundreds of thousands of Shaw Go WiFi hotspots, we are providing speed and coverage that enables total connectivity across Western Canada.

Eligibility and Where to Buy

Effective April 4, 2023, Shaw Mobile sign-ups, additional lines, and hardware upgrades will no longer be available. For more information, see Shaw Mobile Brand Sunset FAQ. Shaw Mobile continues to support existing customers with their active services.

Network and Coverage

Built and managed by Shaw, we offer an extensive 4G LTE network across Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario*. All Shaw Mobile rate plans include access to the Shaw Go WiFi network and automatically authenticate to over 450,000 hotspots stretching from British Columbia to Ontario.

Additionally, Shaw offers an extensive suite of enhanced mobile services that are designed to improve your network experience and provide you with access to industry-leading technology, including:

Travelling outside of Shaw’s network coverage in Canada? No worries – roaming in Canada is always included with Shaw Mobile plans. If your phone displays Nationwide it means you are roaming on one of our many partner networks across the country. Our devices automatically transition between Shaw and Nationwide networks to keep you continuously connected.

For more information about our network coverage, click here. Or, to view our mobile network coverage across Canada, click here.

*Shaw Mobile is only offered to customers in Alberta and British Columbia. Coverage in Ontario is provided as part of the “Shaw” network when visiting or transiting through the province. All “Shaw” specific rate plan inclusions are included and available while in Ontario and connected to the Shaw network. Nationwide rate plan inclusions apply otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Shaw Mobile Available?

Built and managed by Shaw, we offer an extensive 4G LTE network across Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario*. Click here to view our coverage map.

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