Yes! We have two options if you're looking to temporarily suspend your Shaw Mobile service.

Note: For details on how to suspend your Shaw Internet, TV, or Home Phone service, click here.

How to suspend your Shaw Mobile service

Option 1: Vacation Pass

With Vacation Pass, you can suspend your service for up to 12 months per year. Your monthly rate will be $15.00/mo for each month the service is suspended.

To be eligible for Vacation Pass you must:

  • not have an active MyTab, and
  • not be in Suspension

To suspend your service with Vacation Pass, please contact Customer Care for more information and support, as additional Terms & Conditions may apply.

Option 2: Voluntary Suspension

Voluntary Suspension lets you suspend your phone line at any time. For example, if your phone is lost you can suspend the line so it cannot be used until you find it.

Note: While voluntary suspension ensures usage on your device is not available, you will continue to be responsible for your regular monthly invoice.

Take the following steps to suspend your line through My Shaw Mobile:

  1. Log into My Shaw Mobile.
  2. Go to the Profile section.
  3. Click on Suspend your service.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions, then click Suspend My Service.

To resume your service, follow the same steps and click Resume My Service in step 4.

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