LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a 4G (4th generation) network technology that enables data speeds that are several times faster than 3G. With LTE, websites and apps are more responsive, video streams are smoother, and downloads are faster.

Access to 4G LTE

Shaw Mobile's 4G LTE network is available across our coverage area in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Your device will automatically connect to LTE whenever it’s available. This may cause you to experience a brief pause in connectivity if your device is switching between 3G and LTE during a data-heavy activity, such as video streaming. Once connected to LTE, your device will display an LTE icon near your device’s signal strength indicator at the top of the screen.

Note: Some devices will show a 4G icon for both LTE and non-LTE connections.

To learn more about our LTE coverage, check out the Shaw Mobile Coverage Map.

Device Compatibility

For the best LTE experience, we recommend you use a Shaw Mobile device with Band 66 LTE connectivity. If your device is not Band 66 compatible, you will still have access to the LTE network using Bands 4, 7, and 13, depending on location and device compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I force my phone to stay on LTE?

Our LTE devices and SIM cards are automatically set to prefer LTE. If LTE is not available, your device will automatically fallback to 3G. You can manage your network connection preferences and defaults in your device settings.

If I’m in an LTE coverage area, will I always get LTE?

Within our LTE coverage area, LTE is normally available wherever we have mobile coverage. There are some exceptions however, including some subway stations, large malls, stadiums, and airports where 3G coverage may only be available

What speeds can I expect when connected to the Shaw Mobile LTE network?

When connected to LTE, the speeds you can expect will vary depending on your phone model. The fastest speeds are available on our Band 66 4G LTE spectrum (AWS-3), which is available on compatible devices across our entire mobile footprint in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Can I use LTE when I'm using the Nationwide network or roaming internationally?

LTE is currently available on Nationwide networks in Canada and while roaming on partner networks in select destinations such as the U.S., Mexico, Hong Kong, and Japan.

If LTE is not available while roaming, 3G coverage is provided as an alternative

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