The Shaw Mobile Device Care app provides a personalized device care experience - allowing you to scan and diagnose your device for issues, offering smart recommendations and step-by-step instructions to optimize your device.

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About the Shaw Mobile Device Care app

The Shaw Mobile Device Care app provides insight into your device’s performance through an easy-to-navigate series of guided tests. Once completed, the app will identify diagnosed issues and present you with a list of personalized recommendations to optimize your device and improve your overall performance.

The Shaw Mobile Device Care app contains two tabs, Diagnostics and Connect.

From the Diagnostics tab, you can select the categories of tests you wish to run on your device to discover issues and receive personalized recommendations on how to optimize your device experience. The tests and recommendations will provide information on your:

  • Battery – overall battery health
  • Storage – storage consumption
  • Connectivity – network connectivity
  • Data – data consumption
  • Device – software and lock states

From the Connect tab, you can receive remote assistance from our Customer Care. Sharing your unique connection code will allow our Customer Care team or scan the QR code in-store for our Store Associates to assist with conducting further diagnostic tests on your device.

Your unique connection code and QR code will allow you to receive remote assistance from our Customer Care or in-store support from Associates without sharing any personal information. Associates will not be able to see your device’s screen, photos, messages, or other activity.

Required permissions for Android devices

To use the Shaw Mobile Device Care app on an Android device, you’ll need to grant the app a set of permissions to gather device information and diagnose your device. By doing so, the information provided is used to identify potential issues and provide suggestions on how to improve your overall device state. The privacy of your information is always protected.

Learn more about how Shaw Mobile keeps your information safe by reading our Privacy Policy.

The first time you launch the Shaw Mobile Device Care app on your Android device, you’ll be asked to grant the following permissions:

  • Location – to diagnose cellular network and GPS issues
  • Phone (Calls) – to diagnose device cellular network connectivity status and check for software updates
  • Storage – to diagnose device storage issues by reviewing app and content consumption
  • Camera – to diagnose device camera hardware issues
  • Contacts – to diagnose cellular network connectivity issues
  • Microphone – to diagnose microphone hardware issues
  • Data Usage – to check data consumption be each installed app and provide suggestions
  • System Settings – to check common system settings and allow easy re-configuration within the app
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