Extended Range LTE is our 700 MHz low-band (Band 13) LTE network that reaches farther and penetrates walls for better coverage in buildings, basements, and elevators. You will automatically connect to Extended Range LTE when using a compatible device.

How does Extended Range LTE work?

Extended Range LTE combines Band 13 LTE, which runs on our 700 MHz low-band spectrum, significantly improves our network coverage and provides an enhanced indoor experience.

Access to the Extended Range LTE

Access to Extended Range LTE requires a compatible device that supports Band 13 LTE (700 MHz). Use our Device Compatibility Checker to confirm if your device is compatible with Extended Range LTE.

When using our Extended Range LTE network, VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) support on your device is required to make calls in areas that do not have 3G service available. Depending on your device capabilities, this may mean your device will be limited to data use only, but Emergency Calling remains available.

Where is Extended Range LTE available?

Extended Range LTE is available across the entire Shaw Mobile footprint in Alberta, British Columbia, and in select areas of Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). When available, your compatible device will automatically connect to Extended Range LTE.

To find out more about our Extended Range LTE coverage, check out our coverage map.

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