The Fair Usage Policy limits Data, Talk or Text usage within a billing cycle.

Fair Usage Policy

All services provided to you by Shaw Mobile are intended for your personal use and not for commercial use or resale. Sharing, selling or reselling the services provided to you by Shaw Mobile are prohibited.

Loaning or renting your handset to any third parties for their use is not considered personal use. These prohibitions apply even if we have described the services we have offered as being unlimited.

We have the right to determine that certain usage, dialing, or calling patterns indicate that you are not using our services for your personal use and we reserve the right to suspend, terminate or restrict your services with no prior notice.

Learn more about our Fair Usage Policy

Managing your Usage

To help manage your data usage, we will send a text message (free of charge) or email (if you have registered your correct email address on your account) notifying you that you are close to exceeding the levels of data outlined in your plan or add-on. On some phones, data usage can also be managed or restricted from within your device’s settings, however, usage displayed in My Shaw Mobile or on your invoice is considered accurate for billing calculations.

Log in to My Shaw Mobile to view your data usage.

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