Shaw Mobile offers a variety of options to keep you connected while travelling throughout Canada, visiting International destinations and to make calls to International phone numbers. You may need to enable International Roaming in My Shaw Mobile.

Nationwide and International Roaming

Shaw Mobile has relationships with network partners in Canada and globally so that you can stay connected when travelling. When you’re outside of the Shaw Mobile network coverage area in Canada, you’ll connect to the Nationwide network – all of our smartphone plans include no-charge access to Nationwide so that you can continue using your device normally. When roaming Internationally, you will be charged according to Pay Per Use rates, One-Time Pass inclusions or your rate plan. For more information about roaming options, destinations and Pay Per Use rates, visit our website.

About the Nationwide network

Travelling outside of Shaw’s network coverage in Canada? No worries – using service in Canada is always included, for no extra charge, with Shaw Mobile plans. If your phone displays Nationwide it means you are using service on one of our many partner networks across the country. Our devices automatically transition between Shaw and Nationwide networks to keep you continuously connected.  All Shaw Mobile plans include voice, text and mobile data (if applicable) that can be used on both the Shaw and Nationwide networks. If accessing mobile data, make sure the settings on your device are correct using the instructions below.

Learn more: Shaw Mobile Coverage

About International Roaming

When you leave Canada, your device will automatically connect to a partner network and will indicate that it is roaming. You will see the name of the partner network that you are connected to on your device instead of Shaw or Nationwide. Your device will function normally, but you may incur charges for using it. Additionally, Data Roaming must be enabled on your device to access mobile data (charged may apply). If Data Roaming is disabled, your device will still allow phone calls and text messages to be sent and received (charges may apply).

When your device begins to roam outside of Canada, we will notify you with a text message and email.

Before you leave Canada, we recommend reviewing your rate plan in My Shaw Mobile. Additionally, we recommend reviewing One-Time Pass options and Pay Per Use rates available for the destination you are traveling to prior to leaving.

Data Roaming Caps

If travelling to the United States or an international destination not included with your rate plan or a One-Time Pass Add-On, you have the potential to incur data roaming charges.

To avoid data roaming charges, we recommend adding a One-Time Pass or disabling Data Roaming on your device when travelling outside of Canada. If you maintain access to mobile data while roaming, you will be charged based on the roaming rates of the destination you are visiting, up to the $100.00 limit of the International Data Roaming Cap.

Disabling roaming caps may cause your account to incur significant Pay Per Use roaming charges. We always recommend adding a One-Time Pass prior to roaming to avoid unexpected charges. Learn more about Data Caps and Roaming.

Disable Nationwide or International Roaming

In My Shaw Mobile, you have the option to disable roaming for Nationwide, the United States, and/or in International destinations. When this feature is disabled, mobile network access for talk, text and data is blocked when travelling outside of Canada.

You can disable roaming by turning off the feature using My Shaw Mobile.

  1. Log in to My Shaw Mobile
  2. Select Manage Features
  3. Disable Nationwide Roaming, U.S Roaming or International.

WiFi Calling

On compatible devices, WiFi calling can be used to stay connected while travelling outside of Canada.

Unlike some other mobile carriers, Shaw Mobile customers can access WiFi Calling features when connected to any WiFi network globally. When outside of Canada, calling and messaging limits included with your rate plan when connected to the Shaw network apply. In other words, even when outside of Canada, calls and messages are treated as if you are located in Canada and connected to the Shaw network when using WiFi calling.

For all customers with voice included in their plans, all outgoing calls to any phone number in Canada, all incoming calls and messages sent to any global mobile phone number are included when using WiFi Calling internationally. To ensure that you do not incur roaming charges, we strongly suggest enabling Airplane Mode (or turning off mobile network connectivity) and enabling WiFi on your device before making a call or sending a message. If you have removed your Shaw Mobile SIM card from your device while travelling, you will not have access to WiFi Calling features.

For more information, about WiFi Calling click here.

Enabling Roaming

In order to access mobile data services while roaming outside of the Shaw network, you must enable Data Roaming on your device. This includes accessing mobile data on the Nationwide network in Canada.

You do not need to enable mobile data roaming to use calling and text messaging services while roaming outside of the Shaw network (charges may apply).

Enable Data Roaming on iPhone:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Cellular
  3. Choose Cellular Data Options
  4. Toggle Data Roaming to the ON position

Enabled Data Roaming on Android:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Search for Data Roaming
  3. Toggle Data Roaming to the ON position

Note: Mobile Data charges while roaming outside of Canada can cause you to incur significant roaming charges. We always recommend adding a One-Time Pass to your account for roaming to avoid unexpected charges.

Long Distance

All Shaw Mobile plans include unlimited calling from within Canada to any Canadian phone number and will not incur long-distance charges while on the Shaw or Nationwide network. If you are calling to phone numbers outside of Canada, you will be charged according to Pay Per Use rates, Add-Ons or inclusions with your rate plan. Long-distance calls from Canada to an international phone number are charged the same from the Shaw or Nationwide network.

While you’re in Canada (connected to Shaw or Nationwide network), incoming calls from any destination are not subject to long-distance rates. Only outgoing calls to phone numbers outside of Canada are subject to long-distance charges.

Shaw Mobile charges long-distance calls by the minute – charges begin once the call is connected. For more information about calling rates to international destinations, visit our website. Long-distance rates while roaming outside of Canada will often be more expensive, and the cost varies by destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for having my phone turned on when roaming outside of Canada?

No, you are only charged for phone calls (answered incoming or dialled outgoing), sending text/picture/video messages or accessing mobile data. You are not charged for incoming calls that you do not answer or for incoming text messages (SMS).

Will I be charged if I call voicemail while roaming?

Unless voice roaming is included in your rate plan or a One-Time Pass Add-On, you will be charged Pay Per Use voice rates if you call your voicemail while roaming. There is no charge to access voicemail when connected to the Nationwide network.

Will I be charged for incoming text (SMS) messages while roaming?

No, we do not charge for incoming text (SMS) messages. If using a messaging service that uses data (iMessage, RCS, WhatsApp etc.) you will be charged for Pay Per Use data use while on the mobile network, or according to your rate plan or One-Time Pass.


When I’m connected to the Nationwide network, my device indicates that it is roaming, is this normal?

Yes, this is expected behaviour.  While we do not charge roaming or other fees on the Nationwide network within Canada, your device will understand that it’s not connected to Shaw’s network.  Mobile data roaming must be enabled to access data services on the Nationwide network, otherwise only calling and text messaging services will be available.  Picture and Video messages also require that mobile data roaming is enabled in your device settings.  Additionally, we do not charge data overage fees while using the Nationwide network.

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