If your device is lost or you suspect it’s been stolen, suspend your service immediately to protect your account from unauthorized usage.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Device

If your device is lost or you suspect it’s been stolen, we recommend:

  1. Suspending your service to prevent unauthorized usage.
  2. Contacting us to have your device added to a national blacklist.


Suspending your Service

The fastest way to suspend your service and prevent unauthorized usage is through My Shaw Mobile.

Important: Suspending your service will prevent unauthorized usage and possible Pay-Per-Use charges however you are still responsible for all monthly recurring charges during the suspension period.


To suspend your service using My Shaw Mobile, follow the steps below:

  1. Login into My Shaw Mobile, navigate to the Profile tab
  2. Click the option to Suspend your service
  3. Verify the number you would like to suspend
  4. Accept the disclaimer regarding monthly charges
  5. Click the option to Suspend My Service to complete the process


National Blacklist

Using your device’s unique IMEI number, we can blacklist your device to prevent it from working on Canadian wireless networks.

If you previously reported your device lost or stolen and would like to resume service on your device, we’ll require proof of purchase to remove these restrictions.

Contact us for more information.

Locating a Lost Device

Most devices now include a feature to help you locate your device. Check out our interactive tutorials for details on how to do this for your phone.

Calgary Anti-Device Theft Initiative

Shaw Mobile is working with the Calgary Police and other participating Canadian wireless service providers, on an online consumer education campaign aimed to reduce the frequency of cell phone theft and robberies. The initiative aims to prevent unsuspecting buyers from purchasing a stolen and inoperative phone.

Using the device’s unique IMEI number, you can use the Device Check Resource to confirm if a device you plan to purchase has been registered as lost or stolen.

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