Shaw Mobile’s MyTab program lets you reduce the upfront cost of purchasing a device by taking advantage of a monthly payment program that spreads out payments over a 24-month term.

For available MyTab offers, check out our Devices page.

MyTab Eligibility

Eligibility is determined by a credit check. Depending on your eligibility:

  • You may qualify for more than one MyTab on your account or may need to activate a Deposit account to meet eligibility.
  • You may qualify for a unique set of eligible MyTab values, which allow you to reduce the upfront payment amount on your new phone.

Visit a Shaw Mobile retail location to get started and remember to bring a valid credit card and government-issued photo ID, which is required for the credit check process. The Shaw Mobile credit check is ‘hard/full’ meaning that it is recorded on your credit report and may impact your credit score.

Managing your MyTab

Your MyTab balance will be updated each month on your invoice and you can always access the balance through My Shaw Mobile.

Once your MyTab balance reaches $0.00 its paid off and you can either continue to use your current phone, or upgrade to something new. MyTab payments are separate and in addition to your monthly rate plan, Add-Ons, and One-Time Pass payments. Once your MyTab is paid off, you will continue to only pay for your monthly rate plan and associated Add-Ons.

Upgrading on MyTab

Even if you have a MyTab with us, you may still be eligible for an upgrade. If your agreement still has more than 12 months remaining you'll need to message us and pay off the balance, if less than 12 months the balance will be added to the next invoice.

Pre-orders will not impact your MyTab until the device has arrived and you complete the MyTab purchase in store.

Paying off your MyTab Balance

You are not locked in, so you can always pay off your MyTab balance or choose to make payments larger than the minimum required payment if you wish. Contact us if you would like to make a payment towards you MyTab balance.

Transferring your MyTab Balance

Your MyTab balance cannot be transferred. If you would like to transfer ownership of the service, you’ll need to pay the full MyTab balance.

Cancelling Service

If you choose to cancel service before your MyTab is paid off, you’ll be responsible for paying the full MyTab balance. By cancelling your service, you will be required to pay the remaining balance as a lump sum instead of receiving the MyTab savings on a monthly basis.

Refer to our Terms of Service for additional details.

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