Shaw Mobile offers a variety of Add-Ons and One-Time Passes to keep you connected whether you’re travelling throughout Canada, visiting international destinations, or making calls to international phone numbers. If you would like to subscribe to an Add-On or One-Time Pass on a specific date, please contact us.

One-Time Pass

One-Time Passes are designed to give you the flexibility to add data, get more data or get access to extra data, calling, and texting while abroad as you need it, without worrying about recurring charges each month.

With a One-Time Pass you can:

  • Add a Rollover Data Pass to your By The Gig plan and carry over any unused data for up to 90 days
  • Get more Fast LTE data with a Data Pass on our Unlimited plan for up to 30 days
  • Get a roaming pass that gives you access to extra data, calling, and texting while abroad

Learn more: For more information about available One-Time Passes, click here.


Our plans are designed to keep things smart and simple with internet at the centre of your experience. With our Add-Ons, you can enhance a feature within your plan to get more of want you want for a monthly recurring fee.

We offer a variety of Add-Ons to let you:

  • Give yourself peace of mind with a phone protection options that fit your needs
  • Enhance your voicemail service
  • Make easy and affordable international calls

We offer a variety of Add-On options which include:

  • Phone Protection options
  • US and International Calling options
  • Voicemail enhancements
  • Data enhancements

Learn more: Visit our website for more information on available Add-Ons.

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