While Shaw Mobile supports premium SMS and calls, it is important to note that use of these services may incur additional fees beyond your monthly rate plan and Add-Ons.

Short Codes

Short codes are premium SMS messages that are used for many value-added services such as ordering content, voting, interacting with TV/radio programs, and connecting with social networks.

How to recognize a short code

As their name suggests, short codes are shorter than traditional phone numbers, often only 5 digits long.

Short code pricing

Short code services usually carry a fee separate from the messaging included in your rate plan and Add-Ons. While Shaw Mobile rate plans include unlimited global text messaging when connected to the Shaw or Shaw Nationwide Networks, they do not cover fees incurred by using premium SMS services. The fee will depend on the service, and may be:

  • a premium pay-per-use rate, or
  • a monthly subscription fee

These fees are charged by the third-party company that provides the short code service, and Shaw does not have visibility to the costs until they are charged on your monthly invoice. Your mobile device may warn you if you are sending a message to a short code to help you avoid unintentional charges.

Learning more about a short code

To find out more details about a specific short code, you can text the word HELP to the short code and in most cases, you will receive further information. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has a comprehensive list of short codes available to the public.

Short codes may not be accessible while using WiFi Calling.  If you encounter an issue calling a short code on WiFi Calling, turn off WiFi and try the call again using the Mobile network.  Charges may apply.

#Taxi (#8294) Service

You can dial #TAXI (#8294) to reach a taxi company anywhere in Canada. You will be charged $1.50 per call.

Just dial #TAXI (#8294) and follow the prompts. You are connected to the first available taxi company or the company of your choice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, almost everywhere in Canada. We will send you a free text message with the name and the contact details of the taxi company assigned to your call.


You can call 411 on your phone anywhere in Canada or the US to access directory assistance. The following fees will apply for using the 411 service:

  • Calls to 411 from Canada will cost $1.75/call
  • Calls to 411 when in the US will cost $2.75/call

Note: Calls to 411 may not work when using WiFi Calling.

Collect Calls

Shaw Mobile does not currently offer collect call services.

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