Already a Shaw residential customer in Alberta or British Columbia? We’re making it easier than ever to switch to Shaw Mobile by using your ongoing relationship with Shaw to determine eligibility. This sign-up option is currently only available by contacting Shaw Customer Care and is not available at retail locations.

Shaw customers who are signing up with existing devices (BYOD) and meet the following criteria can get started with up to four (4) lines of mobile service without undergoing a full credit check. SIM Cards will be mailed to you and will require activation once received using the included instructions.

Eligibility and limitations

Here’s what we look for when evaluating your eligibility:

  • You’ve been a Shaw residential services customer for a minimum of six (6) months
  • Your residential account is in good financial standing (i.e. no overdue balance)
  • You subscribe to a residential Shaw Internet plan that is eligible for Shaw Mobile discounts
  • You reside within the Shaw Mobile coverage area in Alberta or British Columbia

Note: All lines of service are subject to a non-refundable Connection Fee that will be charged on your first Shaw Mobile bill.

The four (4) lines of service that are granted to you are subject to some important limitations:

  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) only – own devices you already love? You can get them activated on Shaw Mobile using this option. Check if your existing phone is compatible by clicking here. Looking to purchase a new device or finance a device on MyTab? You’ll need to visit a Shaw retail store or a retail partner to conduct a full credit check.
  • Looking to activate more than four (4) lines or finance a device on MyTab? You’ll need to visit a Shaw retail store or retail partner to conduct a full credit check if activating more than four lines or upgrading to a new device on MyTab.

Frequently asked questions

Are there rate plan or add-on limitations when signing up as an existing residential customer and not conducting a credit check?

All Shaw Mobile Rate Plans can be selected for the four (4) lines of service that are granted to you should you meet qualifying criteria. Additionally, all Add-Ons, One-Time Passes and Roaming options can be added to these lines. The total for all Rate plans, Add-Ons, Roaming Passes, One-Time Passes and Pay-Per-Use charges cannot exceed $300 monthly on your account. To increase this limit, please visit a retail location to conduct a full credit check.

I initially signed-up with my own device, but now would like to upgrade or get a new device – what should I do?

No problem! We have a wide range of devices available at our retail locations. In order to upgrade to a new device on MyTab, you must visit a retail location to conduct a full credit check.

I’m new to Shaw residential Internet and have been a customer for less than 6 months - do I qualify for four (4) lines of Shaw Mobile service?

If you’re new to Shaw residential services (less than 6 months), you may qualify for four (4) lines of Shaw Mobile service. In order to qualify, you must have conducted a credit check for residential services or provided an upfront payment for your residential services when you initially signed up. If you did not conduct a residential credit check or provide an upfront payment, you can visit a retail location to conduct a full credit check to get started. Alternatively, your account will become eligible after 6 months, if all other eligibility criteria are met.

What is the difference between a soft and hard/full credit check?

While soft and hard credit checks provide similar data a soft credit check is usually performed when an organization wants to pre-approve you for a loan. Performing a hard credit check is an industry-standard when an organization needs to access your credit report to validate if the organization should be extending some form of credit to you. A hard credit check is one that is recorded on your credit report and may impact your credit score.

What are Shaw Residential services?

If you subscribe to any of Shaw’s residential Internet, TV, or Home Phone packages, you’re classified as a Shaw residential customer. At this time, Shaw Business and Shaw Direct products are not eligible for this program.

I received my SIM cards, can I activate them at a Shaw retail location?

At this time, SIM cards mailed to your address can only be activated by contacting us directly using call or chat instructions included with the delivery. If you visit a retail store, you will only have the option to sign-up for Shaw Mobile with a full credit check

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