Text to Landline messaging allows you to send a text message from your Shaw Mobile phone to any landline phone in Canada or the United States. Text messages are converted into voice messages for the recipient.

How it Works

Once a Text to Landline message is sent, a call is placed to the recipient so they can listen to the message in voice format. If there is no answer, the message is placed on the recipient's answering service. If there is no answering service, the system will attempt to deliver the message until the maximum number of rings is reached, then will retry after 5 minutes, and once more after 15 minutes.

Any customer with a text messaging-capable phone can use the Text to Landline service and no subscription is required.

Text to Landline is not included in unlimited messaging plans and is charged at standard text messaging rates of $0.20 per message. There is no charge to the recipient of a Text to Landline message.

The Text to Landline Service is currently available in English only.

Using Text to Landline

Send a Text to Landline message as you would send a regular text message. This service is supported from any messaging app on your device that is capable of sending SMS messages.

On iPhone, this is the included Messages app.

On Android devices this may be Google Messages, Samsung Messages, or other third-party applications.

Opt Out of Text to Landline

  1. Open your messaging application (i.e. Google Messages, Apple Messages)
  2. Enter 00040444 as the recipient of the message.
  3. Text STOP.
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