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Shaw Mobile: Device Care App

The Shaw Mobile Device Care app provides a personalized device care experience - allowing you to scan and diagnose your device for issues, offering smart recommendations and step-by-step instructions to optimize your device. Visit the Apple App Store... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Lost or Stolen Device

If your device is lost or you suspect it’s been stolen, suspend your service immediately to protect your account from unauthorized usage. Reporting a Lost or Stolen Device If your device is lost or you suspect it’s been stolen, we recommend: Suspendi... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Trade-in program

Shaw Mobile’s trade-in program could save you up to $300 on your next device purchase. Our trade-in program is available in-store, to both new and existing customers, as an easy on the spot transaction. Want more great reasons to trade-in your old de... Read more

Shaw Mobile: MyTab Program

Shaw Mobile’s MyTab program lets you reduce the upfront cost of purchasing a device by taking advantage of a monthly payment program that spreads out payments over a 24-month term. For available MyTab offers, check out our Devices page. MyTab Eligibi... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Warranty Process

Device manufacturers offer a minimum one-year limited warranty that covers defects, beginning on the original date of purchase. The original bill of sale may be required to prove warranty validity. Some devices may be subject to alternative warranty ... Read more

How To: Return Shaw Mobile Equipment

Our return policy is designed to be simple and easy. If you find that Shaw Mobile product(s) are not meeting your expectations, follow these instructions to return your Shaw Mobile device. What is your Return / Exchange Policy? Within 15 days, if you... Read more

How To: Confirm Shaw Mobile Device Compatibility

Shaw Mobile's network offers both LTE and 3G service in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario using various frequency bands and network technologies. If you’re bringing a phone to Shaw from another provider or purchasing directly from a manufacturer... Read more

Shaw Mobile: About eSIM

Shaw Mobile supports eSIM technology for compatible iOS and Android devices. Embedded SIM or eSIM, is a tiny programmable (and re-writable) digital SIM card that is built into a phone and replaces a physical SIM card with a QR code that allows your d... Read more

Shaw Mobile: RCS (Rich Communication Services)

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next generation of messaging for Android phones. RCS is supported on devices purchased from Shaw, brought to us from other carriers, or purchased directly from the manufacturer. Shaw Mobile supports RCS functi... Read more

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